The invisible threat: digital waste and digital pollution

In an age dominated by technology, our digital activities significantly contribute to environmental challenges, notably digital waste and pollution. Smartphones, with an expected installed base of 4.5 billion in 2022, pose a substantial environmental threat, projecting to generate 146 million tonnes of CO2 or equivalent emissions in 2022. While this accounts for a small percentage … Read More

Reduce the digital pollution – an initiative from Lombardy Region 

In recent years, the subject of pollution and the impact that everyday actions have on the environment has been at the centre of public debate and the leverage of many initiatives that have been put in place. Against this backdrop of digital pollution, many companies and administrations have decided to change their web features. The … Read More

The European Week for Waste Reduction

The European Week for Waste Reduction (EWWR) is an annual initiative that brings together individuals, communities, businesses, and governments across Europe to raise awareness about the importance of waste reduction and promote sustainable practices.  This event, this year is held from 18 to 26 of November with initiatives all over Europe and serves as a … Read More

Tackling the Surge: Top 10 Key Takeaways on Recent E-Waste Realities in the EU

The European Union faces a pressing challenge with the escalating volume of electronic and electrical waste (e-waste). E-waste encompasses a diverse range of products discarded after use, from large household appliances to IT and telecommunication equipment. However, with only 40% being recycled, there is a crucial need for innovative solutions to enhance recycling practices. There … Read More

Green Technology Takes Center Stage at DIGITAL SME Awards

In a world increasingly emphasizing the significance of green technology, the European DIGITAL SME Alliance is championing initiatives that embody the essence of eco-friendly innovation. Green technology, an umbrella term encapsulating sustainable and environmentally conscious practices, is at the forefront of a digital revolution aimed at reshaping our approach to technology. The DIGITAL SME Awards, … Read More

6 Reasons to Download the GreenCo eBook Now

In an era dominated by technology, our digital activities contribute significantly to environmental challenges, particularly in terms of digital waste and pollution. In a world dominated by technology, smartphones – the most popular consumer electronics device with an expected installed base of 4.5 billion in 2022 – present a significant environmental challenge. In a shocking … Read More

Six tips to fight digital pollution

Online activities pollute, but it is possible to implement good practices to reduce the impact on the environment. Fighting Digital Pollution is Possible Many of our daily actions, often unconsciously, contribute to the daily amount of digital waste. Some Facts According to data provided by Digital Cleanup Day 2023, every year the Internet and its … Read More

Chargers to be Standardised Across Europe from 2024

Starting from fall 2024, all new electronic devices on the European market will be required to come equipped with a USB-C charging port, according to new rules agreed upon by the European Council, Commission and Parliament. This landmark decision aims to reduce electronic waste and promote technological sustainability across the continent. The move towards a … Read More

Transnational Meeting


Our second transnational meeting will take place in Busto Arsizio, Italy the 28 & 29 on November 2022. The  partner Fondazione  ITS INCOM  will be in charge of the meeting where we will discuss the advances and the future steps of the project GreenCo. We are continuously working on raising awareness about digital pollution and … Read More