A taste of Green IT

Since the month of May, the CMQ is welcoming young ladies aged of 14 to give them “le goût du numérique” (the taste of numeric). 45 students spend an entire day at Lycée Algoud Laffemas (high school) in order to discover digital training and careers. The aim : to encourage women to work in the digital field.

But what about Green IT ?

During the tour of the campus, ladies are questionned about their own use of digital technology and are invited to find responsible use for each of the training courses. That is how in the Cybersecurity, Informatics and Electronics course, the conversation has led to connected objects and our desire to always have more of them. Or we also discussed the manufacturing process of cell phones in engineering science class. They are therefore now sensitive to the number of devices and the limitation of the frequency of their change.

First step on women’s path to green computing !