Buy less

– Buy better for the planet
– Take care of your appliances
– Get them serviced
– Delay the purchase of a new appliance.
– Choose refurbished products

Reducing energy consumption

– Turn off your appliances (instead of leaving them in standby mode)
– Use Wifi (instead of 4G).
– Get them serviced
– Disable unused functions (Bluetooth)

Contributing to slowing the growth of the Internet

– Reduce the quality of your stream
– Download content that will be viewed frequently.
– Post less on social networks (and/or post more lightly).
– Disable notifications
– Send download links instead of attachments – Clean your inbox regularly. – Unsubscribe from our mailing lists.
– Use bookmarks or write directly LÚRL

Reducing waste

– Donate equipment that is no longer needed or resell them if they still work.
– If not, take them to a recycling center.