The university center Cardenal Cisneros

The dissemination of GreenCo application was celebrated in one of the main training centers of teachers of the region of Madrid, specialized in degree and master programs for educating future teachers as well as for the upskilling and reskilling of teachers and other graduates to be qualified as teachers, around 2.000 each year, The university … Read More

Il progetto GREENCO: come contribuire alla diminuzione dell’inquinamento digitale

A cura di: Diego Borsellino EuropeanProject, DigitalPollution, DigitalLearning, Gamification BRICKS n.4 – 2023 Il tema del “Green Computing”: difesa dell’ambiente e lotta ai cambiamenti climatici Il progetto GREEN Computing App and MOOC for awareness-raising on digital pollution (2021-1- ES01-KA220-VET-000025159), è finanziato nell’ambito del Programma Erasmus – KA220 VET Partenariato di cooperazione per l’istruzione e la … Read More

6 Reasons to Download the GreenCo eBook Now

In an era dominated by technology, our digital activities contribute significantly to environmental challenges, particularly in terms of digital waste and pollution. In a world dominated by technology, smartphones – the most popular consumer electronics device with an expected installed base of 4.5 billion in 2022 – present a significant environmental challenge. In a shocking … Read More

Digital Greening: A Call to Responsibility from the Younger Generation

GreenCo visit to Valence On the 6th and 7th of November was held the 3rd transversal meeting of the project GreenCo funded by  ERASMUS +. Partners from all over Europe had the opportunity to meet in Valence, France at the CMQ IED hosted by the Lycée Polyvalent Algoud Laffemas. GreenCo’s ambition is to promote digital greening.  … Read More

How much electronic waste are we generating?

According to Eurostat[1], european website for statistics, the amount of waste electrical and electronic equipment (known as WEEE or e-waste) generated every year since 2018 data in the EU is increasing. The figure shown below shows the increasing data evolution for all European countries and also for the specific countries which are part of the … Read More

Does the use of cloud storage systems reduce the carbon footprint?

Brief IT Introduction and Recommendations Photo by Geralt During the last few years we have seen reports and studies carried out by the main players in the cloud services sector, concerned about the environment. In these studies they urge us to use their systems for various reasons, such as saving energy consumption, increasing the … Read More

Transnational Meeting


Our second transnational meeting will take place in Busto Arsizio, Italy the 28 & 29 on November 2022. The  partner Fondazione  ITS INCOM  will be in charge of the meeting where we will discuss the advances and the future steps of the project GreenCo. We are continuously working on raising awareness about digital pollution and … Read More