IFEMA (Salón Internacional de Postgrado y Formación Continua) postgraduate fair in Madrid

In March 23, 24 and 25, 2023, the Community of Madrid and the National Reference Center for Information Technology and Communications, one of our Spanish partners, had the opportunity to participate, with their own stand, in the “International Exhibition of Postgraduate and Continuous Training” at IFEMA in Madrid. This congress is at same time as “Aula”, other important spanish event. Both attract a large number of young students looking for information on their future training alternatives. Given the influx of this profile of attendees, part of our target groups at GreenCo, we took the opportunity to disseminate the progress of the project among the audience.

Many young people were committed to the environment and concerned about the carbon footprint they generate with the inappropriate use of technology, so we tried to show them some alternatives by way of example and we urge them to take a look at our ebook, since published on the project website.