ETSI Summit on Sustainability Brings Together ICT Decision-Makers to Promote Technological Sustainability and Reduce Digital Pollution

The ETSI Summit on Sustainability took place on March 30, 2023. It brought together key decision-makers from the ICT community and related industries to discuss the role of technology standardisation in supporting green initiatives. The one-day event focused on the current technologies that enable energy efficiency, CO2 reduction, circular economies, eco-design, and future sustainability requirements.

The event was structured around three main streams of discussion, including the role of ICT in sustainability, the principal enabling technologies, and the gaps and pending actions to address sustainability in standardisation further. High-level management and technology experts exchanged and openly debated standardisation priorities, helping to shape the work of ETSI in the years to come.

The ETSI Summit targeted operators, manufacturers, service providers, regulators and policymakers, end-user industry sectors, and researchers. Participants gained insights on how ICT can help save energy, reduce waste, and support other industry sectors by discussing ongoing and future work in related technology standardisation.

The ETSI Summit on Sustainability reflected the European Union’s efforts to bring awareness to technological sustainability and digital pollution. The ETSI Summit on Sustainability provided an excellent opportunity for the GreenCo consortium to gain insights into the ongoing and future work in related technology standardisation and exchange ideas with other high-level management and technology experts. By participating in events like this, the GreenCo consortium can ensure that their project remains relevant and aligned with the current needs of the industry and the European Union’s sustainability goals. The GreenCo project is very relevant in its goals to the topic of this event, with its key objectives being to raise awareness of digital pollution, promote knowledge and self-assessment on digital pollution, and provide online training for responsible use of technology.

Overall, the ETSI Summit on Sustainability was an important event for both the ICT community and related industries, as well as for projects such as the GreenCo consortium that are focused on promoting sustainability and responsible use of technology. The event highlighted the crucial role of technology standardisation in enabling sustainability and reducing digital pollution. It provided an excellent platform for stakeholders to exchange ideas and shape the industry’s future.

Presentations made during the event are available in PDF format here.